Kennebunkport and Kennebunk Beaches

Kennebunk Beaches
Cooled by ocean breezes, the trio of beaches that comprise the area known as Kennebunk Beach stretch along Beach Avenue from the breakwater at the mouth of the Kennebunk River to Lord’s Point for 1 1/2 miles. Sidewalks extend the whole way for those interested in combining exercise and people watching.

At the northern end, Sunset on Mother’s Beach Kennebunk Maine, Gooch’s Beach, at 3346 feet long, is the largest stretch of sand and waves. A busy beach, Gooch’s has room for beachcombers, castle builders, body surfers, sun seekers, swimmers and skim boarders.

If you walk to the north end, you can watch the parade of commercial and pleasure boats going past the jetty at the mouth of the Kennebunk River. Gooch’s Beach is the place to go when the weather worsens and the surf gets too rough for swimmers but is ideal for intrepid surfers. At most other times, it is great for swimming or catching rides on waves.

Goose Rocks Beach
If you are looking for a secluded beach that is reminiscent of the past, Goose Beach Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport is the place to go. Off the beaten track, this quiet beach retains its charm just because it has no “improvements” to offer.

There are no amusement rides, T-shirt shops or games of chance. Instead, there are two broad crescent-shaped beaches edged with sand dunes and stretching three miles.

Fine silver white sand, gently lapping waves and wading pools left by the receding tide make it ideal for families with small children and people who just want to sunbathe and unwind.

When the tide is going out (but before it returns again), walk out to Timber Island on the northern end of the beach and explore its shores. Shell hunters enjoy looking for prized sand dollars on the southern half of the beach. The salt marsh at the south end is the place for bird watchers to look for piping plovers and lesser terns.

Gooch’s Beach
Gooch’s Beach is one of Kennebunkport’s most popular sandy beach. You’ll find Gooch’s off of Beach Avenue in Kennebunk, two minutes south of the White Barn Inn. Gooch’s Beach, at 3346 feet long, is the largest stretch of sand and waves. Beachcombers, body surfers, sun seekers, swimmers and skim boarders.

Mother’s Beach
Tucked in a sheltered cove at the southern end is , which is the smallest at 750 feet. With a playground right on the beach and gentle waves, it is a popular choice for families with children. This long, wide sandy beach is the perfect place to walk, sun yourself, play in the surf, look for sand dollars or just enjoy the sight of the waves rolling into shore.